Wow, What an Achievement!

I’m very proud – and a wee bit flummoxed – to announce that I got Greatest Loser 2017 at Slimming World last night. This is for our group only – I’m not sure if local winners go on to ‘compete’ nationally and I really don’t care. For me, this is achievement enough. I’ve spoken before … [Read more…]

Emerald City: 1×04 – Science & Magic

“Science and Magic” begins with a strange woman who’s clearly operating on someone. She is introduced as Jane and the poor unfortunate soul ‘saved’ by her surgery is Jack. Jane has replaced both Jack’s legs, an arm, and his heart with a clockwork mechanism – turning him into the Tin Man. He is, understandably, completely … [Read more…]

Emerald City: 1×01 – The Beast Forever

I’d heard of EMERALD CITY on Twitter, where it mostly grabbed my attention because racist idiots were getting their knickers in a twist over Adria Arjona’s Puerto Rican background. How dare Dorothy not be white! Honestly, all that crap just made me want to see it more, though I didn’t go looking for it. I’m used … [Read more…]

The Return of Doctor Mysterio

The Return of Doctor Mysterio begins in New York in 1992, with 8-year-old Grant woken by the Doctor at his bedroom window (his family has an apartment.) The Time Lord has been constructing a device to reverse the paradoxes created during his previous visit in The Angels Take Manhattan when he gets caught in the trap he … [Read more…]