Agate Shawl Ta Da!

So here it is, my Agate Shawl! It’s an easy design for beginner crocheters, with the texture gained from the lovely Noro Kibou yarn. It’s quite a quick make – it took me around 5 days, though I wasn’t working on it all the time (there’s a tricksy thing called housework that has to be done, not to mention the fact my wrist is still healing!)

Pattern will be released as soon as it’s edited and I have a better photo. 🙂

Pastel Wave Bag in Crochet Essentials 2

Today I had an interview with the lovely people at Practical Publishing/Crochet Now Magazine. Though I didn’t get the job, I did get to enthuse over my favourite magazine and, more importantly, get my hands on an issue of Crochet Essentials 2 – complete with my very first published pattern!

It’s very exciting to be off the mark as a designer. Which also seems a little silly since I’ve published patterns on Ravelry. Somehow being in a magazine makes it feel more real.

Vintage Sweethearts CAL: Part One

Jean 1 – Violet, Storm, Teal, Old Gold, Raspberry, Graphic*
*meant to be Raspberry then Old Gold, but I skipped a round

Jean 2 – Cherry, Raspberry, Plum, Violet, Storm, Olive

Flora – Old Gold, Teal, Storm, Cherry

Beatrice 1 – Indigo, Olive, Storm, Indigo

Beatrice 2 – Plum, Violet, Raspberry, Plum

Beatrice 3 – Coral, Graphic, Indigo, Coral

Peggy 1 – Storm, Indigo, Sage, Teal

Peggy 2 – Coral, Raspberry, Graphic, Storm

Peggy 3 – Old Gold, Storm, Plum, Olive

Vintage Sweethearts CAL: Set Up

One thing I’ve discovered while sorting out our living room is that I really need to de-stash! Seriously, I’m up to my neck in yarn. So I’m joining in with a few CALs in order to use up yarn that’s just sitting around.

I’ve decided to use Stylecraft Batik DK for my Vintage Sweethearts blanket. The wool/acrylic mix will make it cosy for winter (yes, I am thinking that far ahead!) and the mottled effect will add to the vintage style.

Going off the Colour Crafter palette, my colours are as follows:

Crafter – Batik

Den Bosch (pink) – Cherry
Sittard (light pink) – Raspberry
Lelystad (peach) – Coral
Urk (pale blue) – Storm
Den Helder aqua – Violet
Dokkum demin blue – Indigo
Almelo pastel green – Sage
Nijmegen olive – Olive
Ameland jade – Teal
Heerenveen grey – Graphic
Leerdam yellow – Old Gold
Hoorn purple – Plum


Under my Palette category you will find posts dealing with yarn colour ways. These are based on photographs and are designed to help you when putting together a blanket or other multi-coloured crocheted project. Today’s post takes inspiration from the Scottish Highlands.

From the bright blue of the sky to the muted greens and browns of the landscape, this palette is all about the beautiful countryside found around the British Isles. It’s perfect for any country-lover, be they hiker, bird watcher or dog walker.

Highlands Yarn Palette

Using Stylecraft Special DK, the colours are: White, Sherbet, Aster, Royal, Midnight, Meadow, Cypress, Bottle, Mushroom, and Walnut.

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