Vintage Sweethearts CAL: Part One

Jean 1 – Violet, Storm, Teal, Old Gold, Raspberry, Graphic*
*meant to be Raspberry then Old Gold, but I skipped a round

Jean 2 – Cherry, Raspberry, Plum, Violet, Storm, Olive

Flora – Old Gold, Teal, Storm, Cherry

Beatrice 1 – Indigo, Olive, Storm, Indigo

Beatrice 2 – Plum, Violet, Raspberry, Plum

Beatrice 3 – Coral, Graphic, Indigo, Coral

Peggy 1 – Storm, Indigo, Sage, Teal

Peggy 2 – Coral, Raspberry, Graphic, Storm

Peggy 3 – Old Gold, Storm, Plum, Olive

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