WeWriWa – 4 – Stone Cold Dead

Weekend Writing Warriors is a Sunday short-snippet blog hop in which authors share short excerpts from their books (published or unpublished). There’s a variety of genres–something for everyone! To visit the participating authors, click on the logo above.

Thanks for all the well wishes last week – we had a very nice anniversary with lots of cake. This week I’m sharing more of Jade’s initial encounter with Clive Hawk. This is the simple mission that’s going to go quite wrong indeed, though here is the calm before the storm.


“Hawk here is a con man, aren’t you?”

Hawk eyes were a bright, pale blue and held a certain amount of sympathy as he gazed at her. “Indeed. I would say that I’m pleased to meet you, but under the circumstances,” he continued, then shrugged, making the cuffs jangle. “It’s not much of one, I’m afraid.”

“I don’t imagine that it is.” Jade bit back a smile as she looked to Stone. “So why is locating a con man reason to celebrate? The bounty, I assume?”

“That’s handsome enough, but no. What is worth celebrating is Silverlight’s latest office being on Apollo Station and that, my darling, is our great new frontier. There’s a sheriff’s position open and they want me to take it.”

Jade wondered how desperate Apollo had to be to ask for Stone.


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